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I Found My People

When I first landed on the rocky shores of Bellingham Bay, immediately I became enamored. After only a few days, it was time to dip my kayak in those icy waters of the Salish Sea. Though nervous at first, the beauty that surrounded eased away all doubt. I sat in my car at Marine Park and waited for the waters to calm, as I knew they should closer to sunset. And calm they did, just in time for a quick paddle south along the sandstone shores of the Bay, and just in time to be rewarded with a stunning sunset. In the weeks to come, with the onslaught of a harsh winter, I had my doubts that this was the right move for me. After all, I came here to kayak. What I discovered was there is so much more to do and see in and around Bellingham, and my winter quickly became filled with exploration and adventure. Any doubt that lingered eventually faded as I settled into my life in Bellingham. I was warmly welcomed by the residents of this quirky little town, and I knew I had found my people.

This was my first paddle in Bellingham.

I was in awe of how clear the water was!

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