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Evening Tours

From $85 per person + tax


Join us at the most serene, romantic time of day! We'll set out about an hour and a half before sunset and meander along the beautiful sandstone cliffs of Chuckanut Mountain. This tour is not so much about a destination as it is about the journey. That means we can take our time and enjoy the scenery, both on land, in the sky and in the water. Paddle times will vary, so check our calendar for times. 


Come and experience magic in the water! Glide through an ocean of stars under the darkness of the night sky. You'll be transported in spirit to a youthful exuberance playing with the light as it dances around your boat and on your paddle. Look below the water and watch the streaks of light, imitating shooting stars, as they ride on the backs of fish. This is a late night paddle since the best time to see the luminescence is in complete darkness. Bring children at your own discretion, but we don't recommend bringing children under 12. Times and days will vary based on the sunset (meeting time will be about 15-30 minutes after the sun sets), so check the calendar for dates and times. Check out our FAQ page if you have questions or contact us directly.

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