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Our Response to COVID-19

Your Questions, Answered

Our Response to COVID-19: FAQ

How many people are you allowing on your tours?

Our maximum number of individuals on a tour is 12. We are asking that groups outside of the same household do their best to maintain suitable distance from one another or to wear a mask while in close contact. If you do not wish to share a boat with a person outside of your household or group, we kindly ask that you book in pairs as all of our boats are tandem. If it isn't possible to book in even numbers, be advised that you will be sharing a boat with another individual. 

Has the cancellation policy been updated?

We have resumed our normal cancellation policy with a few revisions. Please click here to review the policy.

Do I need travel insurance?

The Coronavirus has been a “known event” since January 22, 2020. This means that many travel insurance plans purchased after that date will not cover cancellations related to the virus. For insurance purchased before that date, whether it will be covered or not depends on the policy. “Cancel for Any Reason” (CFAR) insurance is the best avenue, though it may be too late as there is typically a window of time that it can be purchased. It is also important to note that even CFAR insurance does have limitations with cancellation, so you need to review that closely.

What are your procedures for sanitizing and social distancing?

Due to ever changing guidelines requiring sanitation of surfaces, we have discontinued sanitizing surfaces between tours. It is the responsibility of everyone attending a tour to maintain good personal hygiene by not touching the face or mouth. We will have hand sanitizer available if needed while on the tour. 

What if someone becomes ill while on a tour or shows up with symptoms of CORONAVIRUS?

If a guest or employee have had flu-like symptoms (a fever, cough, shortness of breath, a temporary lack of sense/smell) within 14 days of the scheduled trip, they will be asked to not participate in the trip. If a guest or guide begins to exhibit symptoms while on a trip, they will be given a mask to wear and we will return to the departure point for that person or group to exit the tour. Depending on how much time is left in the tour, the rest of the group may continue for the allotted time of the tour.

I have another question!

Please feel free to contact us via email at or call us at 360.453.7036.

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